Monday, May 16, 2016

The Indian Spices Rage

India is known for its exclusive spices, since times immemorial. Countries of the world recognized India from the exotic spices they grew, and started trading in them. Several years ago spices were a hot commodity, its lure being the reason why many ships from all over docked here. It is said that one could even pay the rent or trade in gold with some special spices.The aroma, vitality and sharpness of these spices could well be the reason of its popularity. Not to forget the healing properties, and many more specialties that  these herbs and spices incorporated in them. Indian cuisine, with these seasonings and herbs, is considered as one of the most balanced foods of the world.
Here is a list of these spices, Wikipedia having quite a comprehensive list. The amazing quality of each, and the good it can do to the body is becoming quite a rage all over. Except that we must never overuse these strong herbs, they can harm too. Use in moderation is the key word here.

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