Monday, May 1, 2017

Breakfasts-sumptuous and doable

This post is my attempt at putting up the daily breakfast that we have here as vegetarians, egg being the maximum we are inclined towards the non veg side. I am always intrigued and keen on a variety of options we can create as a good breakfast. As they say eat healthy and well in the morning. After all we are breaking the night long fast and the tummy needs its fuel to be bright and active through the day. These morning options are great, and I am sure you all must be having it this way, or maybe healthier. If so, do suggest your ideas, they are welcome. These are a copy of my Facebook posts on my page
Day 1
Vermicelli savoury, ragi (finger millet or nachni atta as it is called) paratha and fruits. Savour the breakfast with sumptuous nutrients meant to be had in the morning an hour after the morning tea with oats biscuits. An effort to start the day with healthful food that keeps us active and mindful through the day, should be the mantra for today and everyday. Idea being that one must be able to churn up healthy options and a variety quick enough.#easycookhealthfulfood

Day 2

Today's breakfast that will keep us full till the next meal is idli chutney with fruit and lime juice. Idli needed some prep from a day before, three katoris broken rice, one katori urad dal soaked for6 hours, then ground it in the mixer grinder, put salt and water till dropping consistency, kept it for about 8hours. And then put baking soda, just a pinch and a bit more water. Steamed the batter in the idli mould. I added grated carrot on a few to feel healthier ;)
Chutney is a mix of coconut, roasted chana, onion, garlic, small piece of ginger, few grains of jeera and coriander leaves.

Day 3

The omelette of course was made by beaten and fluffed eggs, both white and yellow ( we feel that an egg with the yellow is healthy). Added chopped onion, green chilies and coriander, salt and pepper on a non stick pan.
The cottage cheese sandwiches too were very simply made.
My aim is to impress upon all that a good breakfast cooked taking care that all nutrients are present is a very good effort, if we manage it. My variants are all simple and nutritious.
So some other combination tomorrow, lets see.
Till then please do share your super duper breakfasts.

Day 4

Monday, happy labour day! 
Today my cook reused the left over idlis that were made from urad dal and rice, a steamed healthy morning meal. She sautéed curry leaves, sesame seeds, onion, moong, urad and chana dal all three making up one spoon, crumbled the idlis and made this upma. Also a healthy alternative, an addition to list of wholesome breakfasts. 
I had it with sautéed beetroot, adding some morning nutrients, making me feel good. And the drink today was a chocolate smoothie. Well, indulgence at times can be okay. Morning times are active and busy, so you can make an attempt to burn those calories you think are extra.
 The sabudana khichri, made from the tapioca sago, which needs some prep time, about 5 of hours to soak in minimum water so that it becomes fluffed up with the water due to osmosis. The water should be just the level if the sago pearls if you want nice separate pearls, else be prepared for a gooey mess.
This is then made in a pan with ghee or oil as you so prefer, add sesame seeds, jeera, green chilli, small cut potato and peanuts crushed coarse. Add salt and sauté the mixture till it the sago pearls look transparent. The purely vegan, gluten free meal is done. You can have it with yoghurt or chutney.
What did you have for your breakfast today?
Stay hydrated stay healthy.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The kokum juice

Kokum or Gracinia indica has several health benefits
as an Anti-oxidant: The fruits of Gracinia indica is an excellent source of anti-oxidants, thus helps to minimise the impacts of many diseases. It also promote cell regeneration and repair.
Kokum for Allergy: Cold blend of Kokum is used as local application in urticarial and allergic rashes on the skin. The infusion is highly effective and suggested for these purposes.
Gracinia indica for Constipation: When a person is suffering from constipation, peel of dried fruits are given in the dose of 500 mg at night. It helps to ease constipation.
Kokum and Hyper acidity: Having acidity or hyperacidity, the cold mix of Gracinia indica, sugar and little amount of salt is given to overcome from the problems of acidity and hyperacidity.
Gracinia indica for Flatulence: Kokum is effective in case of flatulence, stomach pain and gaseous distension. The patient may take sip of the mix of Gracinia indica, ginger, honey, sugar and salt.
Kokum as healthy and refreshing drink and Syrup: The syrup of Kokum is in great demand not only in India but also all over the world for its medicinal properties.
Cracked Heels and kokum: The application of Gracinia indica butter is quite useful for cracked heels.
Indigestion and Gracinia indica: Suffering from indigestion, one should take the mix of Kokum should be taken along with black pepper and salt.
Kokum is also welcome in diseases and conditions such as hyperacidity, piles, fistula, heatstroke, infection, dysentery, etc.
When allergy takes the chronic form, the cool infusion may also be used internally.
Side-effects and Precautions: The fruits of Gracinia indica shouldn’t be used in excess. Milk and milk products should be used after one hour.
The kokum juice, dried fruit that i boiled and cooled to have it as a juice with raw honey and mint leaves.