Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bishop's weed or Carom or Ajwain

Ajwain, or carom seeds as it is called, is easily available in all Indian grocery stores. Its a frequently used spice. It has a strong unique flavor and smell, mostly known for its gut healing properties.It works like a wonder drug in cases of an upset stomach. Just take 1/4th of a teaspoon, either swallow it with warm water, or then, chew it, if possible. Pure ajwain is very strong, and can have a pungency in it that many tastes cannot accept. Bad throat   Add a teaspoon of ajwain in two liters of water, boil it, and consume it through the day. See how the cough reduces, and the throat feels calm, and they say that it removes the mucous too. It serves as an antiseptic too, kills germs.If this incredible seed is soaked in lemon juice and black salt, dried in the sun, and consumed occasionally, it helps to keep the stomach in order, removes nausea and also gives a fresh taste in the mouth.
In India, it has been a very common practice among people to keep the body warm either by consuming ajwain, or then massaging the chest with ajwain heated in pure mustard oil. Keeps the body warm and secure from catching a cold. It is said that by applying this oil on painful joints one gets rid of joint pain too.
I know of people who grow this herb in their kitchen gardens, and consume the leaves ( I love the flavour) as a green vegetable, or seasoning on veggies, or then have them as fritters ( in a paste of bengal gram flour and fried) . The fritters taste incredible on a cool rainy day.
It plays an important role in oral hygiene too, as it kills germs in the mouth, and removes bad odor. Use of ajwain oil along with clove oil in gum pain is well known.
These are the benefits of Carrom seeds as I know, and have experienced. There may be many more.
Add on if you know, and help others benefit too. Go on!!

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