Monday, May 23, 2016

Banana Pudding. From the Indian Subcontinent

Seema Sinha, Thank you dear friend for this amazing yummy recipe.

(Image sourced from the net)

Ingredients :
 Bananas : 7 ripe
Small cardamom :5
Sugar : 500gms
Coconut : one, with water
Raisins, cashew and saffron: as per requirement

Preparation Soak the raisins and saffron in a bit of water and keep aside.
Cut the bananas in small round pieces and start to boil it in water. Extractt the milk of the coconut and add it in this boiling mixture . Add the sugar, cardamom, mix it well, while boiling, keep stirring. Cut the cashew in thin slices, , add it in the mixture. Remove from fire, when you see that it seems the right dropping consistency, should not be very runny. Now you can add the raisins and saffron. Those with a sweet tooth, people, indulge yourselves. Instead of the white sugar, brown sugar can be used. Any little effort, towards maintaining good health, will mean something. Sweet times friends, enjoy this Indian dessert. Garnish a bit of ground cardamom, and slices of banana, and any other sliced dry fruits that you wish.

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