Thursday, April 28, 2016

Street food of Allahabad.

Allahabad, the place I was born and brought up. A very special and historical place on the map of India. My parents hail from Amritsar, in Punjab. So a mix of Punjabi and Allahabadi!! That's what makes me special too (AHEM!!). A small town, is also made noteworthy by its intelligentsia. It has an exceptional place in history. It is stationed at the confluence of the three sacred rivers of the country, The Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical, mystical Saraswati. It has many references in the Ramayana and The Mahabharata. It is referred to as a place which is the king of all pilgrimages, the "tirath raj". Besides this it has always been a seat of learning. It played a significant role in the freedom struggle. There are many Victorian buildings here, making it a wonderful tourist spot too.
    The people of Allahabad are distinctive in their own way. They have a remarkable way of putting things across, that is popular all over the country, and the style is often picked up by Bollywood script writers, to make the dialogues more effective and funny.
Ah! but I was talking about its street food. People who leave the city, remember fondly all the yumm, tasty snacky food this city has to offer. So instead of writing it myself, I am attaching a link here. See, if you can identify with any of the foods listed there.
The youngsters of today may vouch for some newer places that provides them with some mouthwatering momos and more. People of days gone by may still talk of the "maal makhan" made out of milk cream, put out on a moon lit winter night in an earthen pot and it turns into a frothy light sweet delight, made in the night chill. Once the froth settles down, its not tasty. Sells only for an hour in the morning. Its a unique delicacy, specific to North India.    

Add your favorites here, if you cannot see it in the menu.
And to know a bit more on the city take a look at this 

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