Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mixed vegetable sandwiches. Aroma n zest put together.

The simple volley of flavors that touch your taste buds is interesting. The trick is for you to savor each flavor of the vegetables and spices used. My children, their friends, and my colleagues love these sandwiches. So here is the recipe of this much sought after sub.
INGREDIENTS:1. A loaf of multi grain bread
2. Cheese spread, any flavor, one tablespoon(mashed home made cottage cheese is preferable)
3. one medium sized tomato chopped
4. A piece of red, green and yellow bell peppers each chopped
5. one large onion finely chopped.
6. 5-6 cloves of garlic cut in small pieces
7. one tbsp de-seeded green olives, cut in small pieces
8. One medium sized boiled potato (optional)
9. Spring onion few stalks, chopped
10, Cilantro few stalks chopped
11. One small cucumber chopped (optional)
12. A small piece of cabbage finely chopped.
13. One medium sized carrot, grated
14. A teaspoon of canned corn (optional, because I am not in favor of canned, processed food) 
15. Among the spices to be added: Salt to taste, pepper, chili flakes, dried roasted garlic powder, mixed herbs seasoning, dried crushed rosemary. Add a sprinkling of all of these.

MODUS OPERENDI : Mix all of these ingredients in a bowl. On one side of each slice of bread spread butter. Put a thick layer of the mixture on each buttered bread. Cover it with the other bread.
Grill these sandwiches, or heat them on a non stick pan on both sides, till they become crispy golden.
Serve either with Green mint coriander chutney, Sweet and spicy garlic tomato chutney, scrambled egg, french fries, a few crunchy fryumms/chips or have it as it is.
It makes for a very healthy , sumptuous breakfast/snack. You will notice the mixed aroma of garlic, and the herbs very appetizing, with the taste of each ingredient pleasing your senses. Try it, and appease your soul. Yumm!!    


  1. You've started a food blog! Awesome! Keep posting some easy things too ^_^

  2. yes! more recipes please :)

  3. My boys and I have enjoyed this so many times. totally vouch for how healthy and yummy it is!

    1. I remember how the kids enjoyed these sandwiches. That I suppose was so encouraging for me..helped me to keep making variations..